VideoProc – The One Stop 4K Video Rendering Solution for You


If you are looking for a 4K video editor that is simple yet powerful to use then VideoProc is the answer for all your questions. You can pretty much do anything using this 4K video editor, Video editing, Video Downloading, DVD Conversion, Screen Recording, etc you pretty much get everything that is needed for making a perfect video and that too using GPU acceleration which is 2 times faster than another video editor, that helps to process and edit 4K videos quickly.

What you might face while editing videos

4K video editing is a big deal when you are new and using other software might get you to work for quite a while with overall less than what you would expect in the final result. Then comes the rendering part, for a 2-minute video you may have to wait for around 5-10 minute at least to render it in a good quality video.

There are lots of video editor out there but all of them comes with way too much difficulty for new as well as experienced users, which ultimately get them out of the video editing stuff and switch to a different option.

You might have thought about video rendering using your mobile device, let’s be honest the features which you get in it is the bare minimum and if your hardware is not strong enough then you might have to wait for very long to render that video and the output quality might not be satisfactory to your needs as well.

What does VideoProc Do?

There are lots of problems regarding 4K video editing but VideoProc simplifies each and everything with the features they provide, you make an awesome 4K video and render it within a few minutes without any hassle. 

VideoProc offers over 400 different file conversions [including H.264, HEVC, etc for all your devices like Mobile Phone, DVD Player, other PC, Youtube, Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, Viemo, etc. You have the ability to convert your video to almost any format you desire.

When it comes to 4K video rendering VideoProc is second to no one. It uses GPU Acceleration to boost the video rendering with low CPU usage and faster rendering time. The technology is brand new and using their precision boost you can get your rendering up to 3 times faster while comparing with other solutions out there. 

You can expect your 15-minute video to be converted in less than 2 minutes, which might seem very appealing but when you are rendering a video which is greater than an hour or two, that’s when the GPU acceleration kicks it reducing the time limit of almost one-third of the total time.

The advantage of VideoProc 4K video editor is the flexibility to run on low to mid end systems easily. Basic installation requires Windows 7 or later operating systems, also it run on macOS 10.6. Also, you’ll need 200MB installation disk space and 1GHz Intel or AMD CPU accompanied by 1GB RAM. 

An Nvidia Geforce 630 or AMD Radeon HD 7700 series GPU will be a perfect companion to handle the load. Overall this easy and fast 4K video editor comes with a minimal installation package of just 47MB. That makes it friendly for video beginners from every aspect. 

Features of VideoProc

After installation, you will be greeted with a home screen with the options, Video Editor (Processing), DVD Conversion, Video Downloader, Video Recorder.

Video Editor:


Inside the Video option, there are lots of options that are there and in a simplified way. There are options to include a Video, a Video Folder, Music and then Clear all in the top menu.

When you add a new video in it you get many options underneath the video, click any one of them to get started with video editing.

When you click on any of the options like Effects you get a new window with original video and a preview video.

Here you can do anything with your video that you wish for, cut video, adding effects to the video, importing a subtitle for the video, cropping the video to a definite size, and creating a watermark for your video and many more.

All the advanced features are at your reach and to get them to use, you don’t even need to see any tutorial either. You can figure it out on your own.

Finally when are done with your video editing, simply click on RUN or you can select many other formats for devices.

Also, you can click on the Toolbox menu to get a list of more additional features like Denoise, Deshake, 3D -> 2D Video Conversion, etc.

That’s pretty much it for the Video section and to be honest you can create so many things using this software.

Download VideoProc from Here

DVD Editor (Converter):

You can do so many things with the DVD menu, you can create a copy of the DVD, ISO, etc within this 4K video editing software.

You can convert your DVD file to any format you wish from the 400 types of file conversion offered by VideoProc with the fastest rendering possible by your hardware and you can convert hours of video into other formats in just a minute.

Other features in the DVD Section are self-explanatory and you can do so much with it.

Video Downloader:

This is a nice integration into VideoProc, where you can download video from the link you can copy and download it directly with multiple quality formats that you can download from. If you have no time for the live steam watching, VideoProc also help you record the live streams.

4k video editor videoproc

Click on ADD Video or ADD Music then add an URL to continue downloading the video from the menu that it offers.

You don’t have to use those annoying chrome extensions to download videos from different sources, you can easily download things directly using VideoProc. I personally use this softer as a daily driver.

The downloading speed depends upon the internet speed, so VideoProc cannot help you in this situation. But you can convert the downloaded video into any quality you wish easily. 

Screen Recorder:

VideoProc offers you Recording or capturing your PC, Webcam or both at the same time without any hasty or any configuration. Everything is preset and is ready to go when you click on REC button.

videoproc review

VideoProc offers the simplest Screen capture features out of everything else. You can capture the screen as well as use a Webcam to capture your face and combine both of them to create awesome gameplay footage.

Click on the Settings options at the top right window to open additional settings, like changing the Audio source, Video quality, Encoder type, etc. You have the power to customize everything at a glance.

You can use the Paint tool to draw or mark something on your recording screen to further enhance the viewers’ experience.


  • Specially skilled for processing 4K Ultra HD or large sized videos, high-speed videos shot at 120/240Fps, slow-motion videos.
  • Beginner friendly UI to edit, cut, trim, merge, resize, rotate, and enhance video quality within a few clicks.
  • Professional grade options to fix footage, deshake, denoise, correct lens distribution and much more.
  • 47X times faster full GPU acceleration feature to process and edit 4K videos.
  • Optimize videos without dealing with quality.
  • Ability to download video, audio and playlist.
  • Record your desktop screen.
  • Lower CPU usage.


If you are looking for all in one solution then VideoProc can be used as your daily driver as it is an all in one solution for your needs. You can create videos, convert videos, download videos from different sources, record and capture your screen, etc. The options are limitless when you actually need them.

Due to the GPU Acceleration, your PC can work on other things while leaving the CPU usage to a bare minimum as the GPU handles most of the rendering tasks and you can work on other things while your 4K video rendering is going on. This freedom is offered by none other than VideoProc, so definitely go for it if you want to handle multiple things at once while rendering videos 3 times faster than other solutions on the internet.

With all these lucrative features, VideoProc 4K video editor comes with a lifetime license for just $35.95. You can go for the free version and check out the features it offers and then check out the PRO version if you are satisfied with VideoProc. You can get a free Trial of 30 Days as well, so definitely check it out.