Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS with WhatsApp True Dark tweak

WhatsApp True Dark tweak

WhatsApp version 2.18.100 has a dark mode but it isn’t available for normal users. If you are not a beta tester and want to experience the dark mode then here is a jailbreak tweak to unlock this WhatsApp Dark Mode.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

It isn’t confirmed when WhatsApp will release the dark mode officially. The WhatsApp Dark Mode has already been made available to the beta testers. The app relies on different shades of gray for the background to make WhatsApp easy on the users’ eyes. The conversations, on the other hand, have a greenish tint.

It seems that the WhatsApp Dark Mode is still under development. This means that the above-mentioned description might not be the final product. The newest update for the latest iPhone X lineup has made WhatsApp compatible with the devices to a higher degree.

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How to get WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS ?

This tweak isn’t that great as compared to the Eclipse X, NoctisXI that can provide different colors to WhatsApp. If you actually want to try out this tweak then here’s how to install and use it.

Download WhatsApp True Dark tweak 

  • Download the WhatsApp True Dark tweak by Ahmad from here.
  • Open the downloaded files in Filza file manager.
  • The Debian package you downloaded from the link can now be accessed. Install it.
  • Once the package is installed, respring the Springboard.
  • Now, open WhatsApp to see the changes.

It’s that simple. Now, you could use the WhatsApp Dark Mode. This tweak doesn’t require you to change any settings. It might sound good but it has a major downside. You cannot revert the changes that you have made. It means once you have changed the look of your WhatsApp you cannot revert it without uninstalling the app.

There is no need to worry as the developer is working on a fix to tackle this issue.