WhatsApp for JioPhone (KaiOS) to Launch Soon

whatsapp for jiophone and other kaiOS devices

Last year, Reliance jio launched the Jiophone that is still one of most affordable 4G phones in market. From a very long time, users have been struggling to get whatsapp on jiophone. But till the time, that was merely impossible as whatsapp doesn’t provide support for it.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps with more than a billion of monthly active users. Due to the difficulties while pushing new updates and features, WhatsApp has dropped support for BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone 8. Also soon, whatsapp will discontinue its support on Nokia’s symbian S40 devices on Next December 31. It clearly points that the company isn’t interested in entertaining redundant platforms.

Jiophone runs on a Linux-based mobile operating system called KaiOS. It’s among one of those platforms, that doesn’t have whatsapp integration as of now. But jio feature phone is being used by millions of users and it’s the most sold feature phone in last few months. So all users are facing the lack of whatsapp services onto their device. As per recent reports, Jiophone (KaiOS) will soon be able to run WhatsApp in the upcoming days.

Reliance jio recently invested $7 million in the development of kaiOS. As KaiOS store could boost the OS’ prominence in the affordable phone segment if whatsapp becomes available. Also it will allow more users to connect with their friends and families in meaningful ways, it even opens the doors to new opportunities in education, business and community building.

According to a recently published article on WABetainfo,“WhatsApp is focusing to develop the app for this platform, providing an app for Jio Phones.”

The blog also mentions, “Actually we don’t know when the new native KaiOS app will be available and which functionalities it will offer to the user.”

This clearly hints that soon jiophone users could download and install whatsapp on their device as another step toward closing the digital divide. But the availability of whatsapp for jiophone isn’t announced yet so far.