Python is one of the most widespread programming language other than Java and C++, but the main difference between python and the other programming languages like Java and C++ is that Python is a 4th generation computer language and the other is thirgeneration computer language.

Maker of Python

It ws developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. It was developed in intention to reduce the typing done by programmers and the program to understand the user more appropriately.

How Python works

working of python is “what things are to be done” rather than “how things are to be done”. This is why Python is rather a easy language as compared to the other two as it knows the procedure to do the task, just tell the work it needs to do.

Python’s field of expansion

Python is considered as the best programming language has it have many applications that can be done with it. Python can be used as a web developing tool and there are many system that use Python as their security defence system .

It is used in file transfer protocol, internet protocol and website designing. Python standard library supports many internet protocols like XML, HTML, JSON.

Now a days artificial intelligence is being prioritised as one of the most important thing in the current generation and using Python this can be easily done as Python have applications that can use both digital and analogue statistics to perform a given task efficiently.

Counterparts of python available by their official website and it is totally free, Cython – Python implemented with the structure similar to ‘C’.

There are many counterparts available for python which helps the user to continue their programming skill using their favourite programming language in spite of the facilities given by Python itself.

There are few personal who achieve their post as an Google employee buy completely mastering Python over their specialisation under a certain area for development.

Therefore it is suggested for every individual under the world of technology to have a little bit knowledge of python before going out in the field of programming.