Wine 3.0 Android App allows You to Run Windows Apps on Smartphones

wine 3.0 android app

A popular software called wine, which lets users to run windows apps on Linux and other unix based operating system, has recently released Wine 3.0 Version for the android which enables users to run windows apps on smartphones.

Wine is a free opensource software that allows computer programs developed for windows to run on Unix based operating systems. Codeweavers, which makes the wine app, had released the preview of crossOver android to selected users back in the year 2016. And then in January 2017, wine 2.0 was released with Microsoft office support and improved Mac Compatibility.

The recently launched wine 3.0 apps lets uses to install and run windows applications on their android smartphone. Currently the compatibility layer isn’t fully supported on smartphones with ARM processor. The new version of wine comes with more than 6,000 changes as per the developers team.

Wine 3.0 works well with android smartphone based on x86 architecture. Users need to download Wine 3.0 arm or wine 3.0 x86 depending on their device and they’ll also need the release candidate APKs. To download wine 3.0 app click here.

After downloading users need to install it on their smartphone. And after installing, they’ll get a full screen windows display, including a start menu with basic graphics support and audio functionality. Wine 3.0 also has Android graphics driver and Direct2D, Direct3D 10 , Direct3D 11 support with Direct3D command stream.