WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review

The DVD Ripper Pro from WonferFox is one of the most popular choices when it comes to the DVD Rippers. It has a simple and easy to understand interface which offers lots of choices at the click of a button. You could use it to convert a DVD to be played on any device that you own.


WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Pricing

You could download DVD Ripper from its homesite. It can be downloaded as a free trial or you could get a single PC lifetime license for $29.95. If you want to use it on more than one PC then you could get a 3 PC lifetime license for $69.95.

DVD Ripper Pro Features

A user considers the aforementioned abilities of the software most of the time. But it offers something more than just converting DVDs to another format. DVD Ripper Pro is one of probably the best software in its field and here are the reasons why is it so.

Choice of Formats

When trying to run the DVD standard onto other devices we need to select a different format which is supported by the device. WonderFox DVD Ripper gives the users over 250 different profile options to choose from when it comes to converting videos consisting of 19 formats. These include the most commonly used standards such as the MP4, MOV, MKV, MPG, M4V.

The 250 different profiles are designed to meet the specifications of different devices. The specifications of an iPhone 6s are quite different from the Samsung Galaxy series or the Acer Liquid Z. These profiles cater to the demands of these individual devices and provide the best possible conversions for each one of them.

The options aren’t just for the smartphones. You could also use WonderFox DVD Ripper to convert a video to be played by your consoles or even the smart TV. These all conversions can be made with a single mouse click thanks to the multiple profiles.

Ripping Time

One of the most important aspects of DVD ripping is the time. WonderFox DVD Ripper takes around 45 minutes on an average when it comes to converting a full movie. The default settings give an optimal balance when it comes to time and quality and it could be used by just clicking three times.

The ripping time might not be as good as other options available on the market but it does an excellent job and the little time difference that you will see won’t be much relevant.

The file sizes are between one to two GB which means that the videos are not too big and won’t fill up your hard drive quickly. When compared to the competing software, WonderFox DVD Ripper presented the smallest converted files.


If you are not familiar with the DVDs then you might be unaware that each DVD comes with a copy protection. It means that it is not possible to rip a DVD if the software doesn’t come with a decrypter. WonderFox DVD Ripper comes with all the needed decrypters so that you can copy all the original DVDs that you have got and the best part is that the process is completely automated.

If you want to extract the song played during the end credits of the movie then DVD Ripper has an excellent feature which lets you copy the song from the DVD by ripping it into an mp3 or AIFF format.

If you are hearing impaired then the software would even let you copy the subtitles. The only catch is that they are copied as a whole and would go out of sync if you cut parts of the movie.

Shortcomings of WonderFox DVD Ripper

WonderFox DVD Ripper might be one of the best DVD ripping tools out there but it has a few shortcomings.

Even though it comes with a variety of ripping tools you might be looking for, it still doesn’t have a couple of features that its competitors have. One such case is if you want to rip the Video_TS folder to your computer and the earlier versions were unable to rip the ISO files of a DVD which is no longer a problem in the latest release.

The ability to rip an ISO is extremely useful as it lets you keep a virtual image of the disc as a backup in case the original DVD is lost or damaged. You could use the ISO to burn a new disk without ever worrying about losing the original product.


WonderFox DVD Ripper comes with almost every customization feature that most people would expect in a DVD Ripper. A user could trip and unwanted scenes, crop the frames, change the aspect ratio and even add filters to the footage.

In addition to this, the software lets you adjust the technical properties of the videos such as the frame rates, resolution, bit-rate, etc. You could also change the quality of the video in order to save time. These options make DVD Ripper Pro an amazing tool for those who are interested in ripping DVDs.

Customer Service

When it comes to using the software, DVD Ripper Pro is pretty straight-forward. You could easily find your way around the software as most of the features are kind of self-explanatory. Still, if you need help regarding any issue, WonderFox has a dedicated support section on its website to answer your needs. The FAQ section and the knowledgebase articles would provide the best possible solutions to all your problems. In case your problem is still unsolved you could also request solutions via the email ticket system.


WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is arguably the best DVD Ripper software in its class and if you are one of those people who like to rip DVDs then it definitely deserves a spot in your list of favorite software.