Xiamoi Became the Leading Smartphone Brand in india in Q4 2017, Samsung is on 2nd Position

Reportedly Xiamoi surpassed samsung and became the leading smartphone seller in india during Q4 2017. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer xiamoi entered into Indian market with the help homegrown e-commerce player Flipkart. Starting from it’s first device Redmi 1S, the company launched a bunch of impressive new devices including Redmi Note 4 which became the the most sold smartphone in india. With its top notch specifications, budget price and friendly after sales service, xiamoi managed to be the one of the most favorite smartphone brand for people.

smartphone shipments shares in Q4 2017

For the first time in the last six years, samsung has lost its pride as the top smartphone seller in india. India’s overall mobile phone shipments grew 37% and smartphones shipments grew 12% with features phones growing to around 55% during Q4 2017. Xiaomi (259%), Huawei (165%), Vivo (115%) and OPPO (104%) were the fastest growing smartphone brands during CY 2017. While Affordable mid end segment (₹10,000-₹15,000 or US$150-$230) was the fastest growing segment (+52%) in the last year as per reports.



Tarun Pathak, Associate Director at Counterpoint Research said,“The competitive landscape has changed significantly in the last year, with the rise of brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO in the smartphone segment and players such as Reliance Jio, Nokia HMD and iTel in the feature phone segment — all able to disrupt the market with high-quality and attractively-priced offerings. During the second half, players such as Xiaomi was particularly disruptive with an aggressively-priced, broad portfolio taken to market with an effective channel expansion strategy. This helped Xiaomi to surpass the long-time market leader, Samsung, for the first time ever. This performance ended Samsung’s six year market dominance.”

Xiamoi smartphone shipments market shares for Q4 2017 was 25% as compared to the last year, which was just 9%. While samsung’s shipment market shares slashed down from 24% to 23% in Q4 2017 compared to 2016. After Samsung, Lenovo (including Motorola), vivo and oppo each holds 6% of total shipment market shares.

India feature phone shipments in Q4 2017

India-Feature-Phone shipments-CY-2017

Mr. Pathak said, “Reliance Jio captured a 26% share of the feature phone segment in just one quarter with its compelling value proposition compared to the normal 2G feature phones”.

In the Q4 2017, xiamoi shipped over 8.2 millions unit of smartphones while smasung shipped only 7.3 millions unit. The key reason for the success of xiamoi lies in the autonomy that it granted its make in india unit, letting letting it run business locally. Overall Indian mobile phone shipments crossed 300 million units for the first time. While samsung is still the leader on the segment of annual basis.