YouTube for iOS Gets A New Dark Theme, For Android it’s Coming Soon

Youtube for iOS is getting a “Dark Theme” with version 13.08 that rolled out last week. Earlier there were reports about youtube testing a dark theme for its iOS app users.

Last year, youtube launched the ‘Dark Mode’ for its desktop site. Since the time the youtube dark mode was one of the most requested features by several iOS app users. The Youtube dark theme uses of black and darker shades of gray to make the app easier on the eyes, especially when someone is watching videos at night. It actually gives comfort to our eyes.

Youtube Dark Mode for iOS

The new youtube dark theme inverts some colors on the YouTube UI, by swapping out the standard default white background which gives a more cinematic experience. The theme applies to the main feed, settings, including the video player page and many other sections of the app.

YouTube App Dark Mode for iOS

How to Get YouTube Dark Mode on iOS –

Make sure you’ve the latest version of youtube app installed. Now open up the Youtube App. Simply tap on your profile icon from the top left corner. Now in settings, you’ll get the new “Dark Theme” toggle option. Just enable that and you’re done. Now Enjoy youtube in the new dark looks.

Youtube Dark Mode for Android ?

While the youtube dark mode is rolling out for all iOS users starting from today, there’s something great news for Android Users. Guess what ! Youtube Dark mode is also coming to Android very soon. But there’s not any mentioned time frame for this.