Youtube to bring stricter policy to punish bad creators who’re harming the community

Youtube to bring stricter policy to punish bad creators who're harming the community

This year Youtube is to bring several changes in its policy. Already youtube hardened their monetization policy to punish bad actors in its platform. But now it seems that the company is taking further steps to make its policy stricter.

In a blog post the youtube said “We’ll also improve the enforcement of our policies through a combination of human review and machine learning technology. In 2018, our goal is to bring the total number of people across YouTube and Google working to address content that might violate our policies to over 10,000. Using machine learning, we now also allow creators to automatically review and hold potentially offensive comments.”

“We realize we have a serious social responsibility to get these emerging policy issues right, so we seek advice from dozens of expert advisors and third-parties,” Youtube CEO Wojcicki said.

Everything comes in action after the latest logan paul controversy of shooting a dead body in japan’s suicide forest. Youtube already suspended monetization from Logan Paul’s Youtube channel. Also according to the company, now youtube will monitor every activities of every channel and actions will be taken if any kind of violation of policies are noticed.

Youtube also said, “…we’re also currently developing policies that would lead to consequences if a creator does something egregious that causes significant harm to our community as a whole. While these instances are rare, they can damage the reputation and revenue of your fellow creators, so we want to make sure we have policies in place that allow us to respond appropriately.”

It clearly means youtube is refining its platform and policies to make youtube a better place for viewers, advertisers and creators. And YouTube may soon have stronger punishments for creators who damage the platform’s reputation. While not only youtube, Facebook has also taken steps to improve the quality of its platform by implementing new algorithms for its news feed. What do you think ? how much will it affect content creators ? let us know.