Zorin OS 12.3 Released, A Linux Distro Focusing On security And simplicity – Windows 10 Alternative

Zorin OS 12.3 Released

Finally Zorin OS 12.3 has been released focusing on strengthening the fundamentals of the operating system that aims to provide user A Stronger, More Versatile System experience. If you’re concerned about your security and privacy, Zorin OS 12.3 linux Distro would be good windows alternative for you. It updated Linux kernel 4.13 with new hardware drivers and strengthened security out of the box that makes your computer even more safe from malware attacks and hardware vulnerabilities such as Meltdown and Spectre.

Zorin OS provides unique user experience with its simplicity, security and top notch functionality. Previously in Linux Distros, we used to feel the deficiency of windows apps. But Zorin OS 12.3 has a compatibility layer for Windows apps.

New Features of Zorin os 12.3 –

Windows App & Games Support –

windows app and games in zorin os 12.3

In this Zorin OS 12.3, the developers have made Windows apps run faster and with better reliability with the Wine’s compatibility layer for Windows apps. The Wine 3.0 has been integrated with this OS With the addition of Direct3D 10 and 11 support that makes windows games run smoother never than before. Moreover It gives you access to an even larger library of games to play in Zorin OS.

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launch apps directly from the panel –

zorin os 12.3 launch apps directly from the panel

With the Windows type List layout in Zorin OS 12.3, users can launch apps directly from the task panel. Just hover your mouse pointer over the panel and users will get windows like popup box which can be turned into a full screen window. Also there’s a direct option to pin from the panel as we’ve in windows 8 or windows 10.

Custom File & Folder Management –

custom files management zorin os

Unlike the traditional odd looking folders, in Zorin OS 12.3 users can choose material designed custom colors for different files and folders. Also users can view the status of documents and can organize or short files and folders by topics. Also when printing documents, a new indicator appears on its own in the panel which makes Viewing active printer jobs is now easier than ever.

Printers job in zorin os

Download Zorin OS 12.3 –

Zorin OS 12.3 is available to download in five editions – Core, Lite, Ultimate, Business and Education for Only €19 (Roughly Rs.1,520) . Existing users using Zorin OS 12.2 can update to the latest version 12.3 by installing the latest updates using Software Updater. Additionally with this OS, you’ll get software updates and security patches until April 2021 with Zorin OS 12.3 which makes the PC safe from viruses and malwares for a long time .

Download it from here.

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